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One of my previous posts talked about my concerns about the emergent church.  I have always struggled to  understand how they convinced so many to follow them down the wide road.  But I think it is really two things:

First, they discourage the study of your Bible, “leave your bible at home they say, it is too divisive, and will scare people off.”  We need to moderate our ways they say.  But this is the wrong direction, how can you know what God said if you do not study His word? (Study, not just read.)  Christ was very clear on every topic we need to navigate this world and also on which Rock we need to lean on, and build our house.  If you do not know God’s word and the context that come with studying His word, then how can you verify (discern) truth from deception.  They are not arming you with the Word of God to go forth and help those in need.  Instead they say tread lightly, join their groups, bend your will to their as not to scare them off.  That is not how Christ did it.  He did not change or appeal to anything of this world.  He stood boldly and proclaimed: “I am the way, the truth, and the life.  No one comes to the Father except through me.” (John 14:6)

Secondly, the Emergent church discourages any study of prophecy.  This disarms us further and robs us of the hope that is so essential to life in this world.  What was it that Christ used to convince those that questioned or disbelieved who he was?  He used prophecy, over 300 prophecies of his coming that he fulfilled – 100%.  If we don’t study prophecy how can we know He is who He says He is beyond a shadow of a doubt.  Strongly enough to lay down your life for him, that is they type of strong assurance you get from studying the prophecies of his 1st coming.  Likewise, we need to use prophecy to wake people up to the times they live in and show them why they need Christ, and why it is so urgent to make a decision to ask Christ into their lives.  People need to know why they need a parachute (need to be saved) before they will be open to it.  “The plane is crashing, but I have a parachute for you” is a lot different from “here is a parachute, you really need it”.

Those are the two big glaring things they are trying to drive from the church: knowing and studying the Bible, and knowing and studying Bible prophecy.  It is scary how effective they are at infiltrating our churches.

Christ in John 14:6 said: “I am the way and the truth and the life.  No one comes to the Father except through me.”  He did not say “I am a way and a truth and a life…”

He is the way, the only way.  The only way to come to the Father.  He is the narrow path.  The emergent church is steering many onto the wide path that leads to destruction.

Jim Fletcher does a good job laying out some of the key players in this great deception and what to watch for…


Aug 13, 2012

(Read Jim’s column on Rick Warren at www.wnd.com/2012/08/rick-warrens-unholy-reign-as-americas-pastor/)

An Unholy Reign

The piece I wrote for WorldNetDaily this week, about Rick Warren, has already produced a huge response. So much so that I wanted to take the opportunity at Israel Watch to once again discuss “Pastor Rick’s” influence regarding evangelical support for Israel.

Few people are unaware of Rick Warren’s influence. Over 30 million copies of The Purpose Driven Life have been sold. Warren regularly boasts of training a quarter million pastors in his PD marketing scheme. He gave the invocation at Barack Obama’s inauguration. The pastor of Saddleback Church in southern California—one of the very largest congregations in the U.S.—is constantly interviewed by media. He counts Tony Blair and Bono as friends.

And there is plenty of circumstantial evidence that he is no friend of Israel.

I should preface my remarks by saying that the “average” evangelical is not aware of Warren’s background or present-day associations that are really at odds with biblical Christianity. For those who have the time (and I literally urge you to find the time; I have each of the following books, along with the Kindle versions that are available); there are several key resources that will stun the reader:

  • The New Evangelicalism, by Paul Smith
  • Redefining Christianity, by Bob DeWaay
  • A Time of Departing, by Ray Yungen
  • A Wonderful Deception, by Warren Smith
  • The Dark Side of the Purpose Driven Church, by Noah Hutchings

Am I really endorsing these books and prompting you to get them?

Yes, and with as much urgency as I can muster. I wouldn’t waste your time or money if I didn’t think each of the books mentioned above weren’t vital to a proper understanding of Rick Warren, the change agent. Each provides compelling evidence that Something Wicked This Way Comes to evangelicalism.

Actually, it’s already here.

Change agents began operating behind the scenes decades ago, working to transfer classic liberal theology to mainstream evangelicalism. When I was a teenager, no self-respecting pastor in America would have been caught dead even standing next to Brian McLaren. Yet in Dan Kimball’s 2003 book, The Emerging Church, forewords were written by…Rick Warren and Brian McLaren. Additionally, the cover reveals that commentary was provided by Warren, Howard Hendricks, McLaren, Sally Morgenthaler, Chip Ingram, and Mark Oestreicher.

(For a thorough critique of McLaren’s aberrant theology, I strongly urge you to search for his name at www.apprising.org)

Liberals love to complain that “critics” use “guilt by association” to unfairly characterize them. This is classic evasion with a generous helping of illogic.

We can all be measured by our associations. I associate with Bible prophecy teachers. It means that, in general, we believe the same things. For example, I treasure my friendship with David Reagan, because he is a bold witness in a dark world. If a liberal wanted to criticize me for associating with Dave, I’d say, “Thank you, sir, may I have another?”

Liberals do not like it when their associations are brought to light because, as Spurgeon used to say, darkness hates the light.


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It is amazing in the following two articles how contorted our “religions” have become today.  Satan has been working overtime as he too senses time is short.

What Rick is doing is fulfilling prophecy in two ways.  It is leading to a falling away of the church from foundational Bible beliefs, the Rock, to build a church on.  It is also beginning / aiding the roots of “One World Religion”.  Helping set the stage for the coming antichrist.

Both the authors do a great job laying out the comparision for the two sides Rick is trying to merge.  It is not possible to bridge the gap and still remain grounded on the Rock.  Deception is so great these days, I can see why Jesus said over and over when speaking of the last days: “Do not be deceived!”

I think finally God is showing me what it means to be watchful or a Watchman.  If you are not studying Bible prophecy, you have a greater risk of being deceived.  You don’t know what to look out for or may be too caught up in this world to even notice the path you are on.

Which road are you on?  (Two Roads, Two Gates, One Goal)

God Bless!


Rick Warren’s bridge to Islam

I’ve had a number of issues with Rick Warren over the years.

But, with his latest effort to find common theological ground with Muslims and suggesting Christians and Muslims worship the same God, the man dubbed “America’s Pastor” by the secular media is getting very close to heresy – if not crossing the line.

Here is the key to illustrating his error: Do Muslims even claim to worship the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, as Christians and Jews do? No, they do not. They believe God did not create a covenant with Isaac and Jacob, but rather with Abraham’s firstborn son Ishmael. They believe the Jewish and Christian Bibles are misrepresentations of truth. They believe the Quran accurately and faithfully represents the true personality and will of God.

This is not a minor theological difference. It is as basic and fundamental as it gets.

And the differences grow from there.


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