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It is astonishing to see people deceived and the deception spread.  We have seen what happens when our world detaches from the truth/reality, God’s word.

When everything is relative and a different shade of gray, black and white thinking is discouraged and punished until it is like a scarlet letter, and dare I say called “un-caring” and evil.

We are living in an “Up is Down”, “Black is White” (or not even White but a shade of gray), and “good is evil” world.

God said we would see these times, and when we did we were to look up, and lift up our heads for our salvation draws neigh!

Maranatha, Lord come quickly!



Jan, 14, 2013

Israel is not Legitimate

Just as Barack Obama came out in favor of same-sex marriage last year, calculating that the time was now right culturally, so too do Israel haters now feel emboldened to put their hands tightly on the lever of the hangman’s scaffolding.

An article this week from Jerome Slater from the Christian Science Monitor was quite instructive.

Many of us pro Israel activists have asked for a long time, “Why didn’t Israel get credit for pulling out of Gaza? After all, now it can’t be said they are ‘occupying’ the Strip anymore.”

Slater has answered that for us: It doesn’t matter.

By Slater’s reasoning—which is leftist worldview—Israel is still occupying the Gaza Strip, since the IDF maintains a perimeter presence. This of course is because Hamas (and, presumably, the larger Palestinian population, since they elected the terror group) likes to murder Jews. Yet, again, notice the chilling irony:

Israel no longer occupies Gaza, except that it does.

This passes for reality in 2013.


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