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More currency news, this will be a struggle since the entire world is wrapped up in fiat currency.  Could it all end in one world currency?


World gripped by ‘international currency war’

The world is in the midst of an “international currency war” according to Brazil’s finance minister as governments force down the value of their currencies to boost their struggling economies.

The comments are the first public admission made by a senior policymaker about a practice which has become increasingly widespread since the global economic downturn.

Many countries, notably China, have been deliberately weakening their currencies by selling them on foreign exchanges or keeping interest rates artificially low to make their exports cheaper.

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Interesting article on the dangers our world economics face with fiat currency and the levels at which it can be manipulated, whether you deem the manipulation for good or evil purposes.  We are primed as a world for one world currency and one world government.  Almost as if on cue with God’s prophecy, it will be interesting to see how it unfolds.


On the Secret Committee to Save the Euro, a Dangerous Divide

BRUSSELS—Two months after Lehman Brothers collapsed in the fall of 2008, a small group of European leaders set up a secret task force—one so secret that they dubbed it “the group that doesn’t exist.”

Its mission: Devise a plan to head off a default by a country in the 16-nation euro zone.

When Greece ran into trouble a year later, the conclave, whose existence has never before been reported, had yet to agree on a strategy. In a prelude to a cantankerous public debate that would later delay Europe’s response to the (more…)

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Great article on nations world-wide beginning to falter and crumble.  They have based their governments on failed ideas and policies: fiat currency, spending driven economy, huge debt, no balance, tax the few to support the many.

It is the same all over, all that have tried it, are failing.  But it is not just a reflection on the failed ideas, it is setting the stage for one world government.

There are several articles I have posted on their plans, just sort by the “one world government” category on the right.

The stage is set. When will enough domino’s fall?  What will be the trigger?

Again, great article.


Signs Of A Crumbling Regime

September 20, 2010 by Bob Livingston

Signs Of A Crumbling Regime

Can you see it? The signs are everywhere. The regime is crumbling.

No not the President Barack Obama regime, though that is part of it; maybe even the catalyst in the United States, at least. I’m talking about the regime in general; the system.

You can see it in places like Greece. There the government has been fighting for its economic life. Years of socialist redistribution — theft from the producers to finance the growing State leviathan and unionized public and private sector employees — have caught up.

The government is now instituting “austerity” measures. It has to. It can’t meet its obligations. So it’s cutting back on growth in salaries, vacation days, benefits and pensions. Unionized public works employees and service employees aren’t happy their gravy train has jumped the tracks. They strike and riot. Greece may or may not survive.

Much the same is going on in other parts of Europe. The French government’s plans to save money by raising the retirement age to 62 from 60 sparked a one-day strike among workers from the public and private sectors in transportation, education, justice, healthcare, media and banking.

The “little people” are waking up to the fact that their governments — the elected class — have done them a disservice. Their regimes, financed by fiat money and having positioned themselves as the “Great Nannies,” are unable to fulfill promises of utopia, wine and roses.


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This is a great article on the state of our worlds fiat currency systems and their attitude toward gold.

Greenspan made an amazing statement this week.  He stated on September 15th:

“Fiat money has no place to go but gold.”

What could he mean by that?  He continued:

He further commented that “if all currencies are moving up or down together, the question is: relative to what? Gold is the canary in the coal mine. It signals problems with respect to currency markets. Central banks should pay attention to it.”

Unfortunately, they aren’t as outline further in the article.

These events are all starting to intersect.  No Fiat currency has ever succeeded.

We will at one point, see our leaders declare that the current currencies are not working but there is a better plan to move to a single more stable global currency.

Until then we will continue to see the attacks on gold, to keep the fiat illusion firmly in place.

If you haven’t read Atlas Shrugged, I would highly recommend it.  I began reading it recently and it was spooky how all the characters and philosophies could have just as easily been the last two years.  They matched exactly…


Atlas just shrugged

On September 15 former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan made a speech to the Council on Foreign Relations. Some very interesting comments he made with respect to gold in response to a question were reported in an editorial in yesterday’s New York Sun, “Greenspan’s Warning on Gold”:


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