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Major unrest in Paris as strike escalates, cutting off fuel pipelines and terminals, it is really getting bad.  Greece continues to have problems as well…


Fuel supply to Paris airports cut amid pension strikes

Police and students clashed in France in pension reform protests

The fuel pipeline to Paris’s main airports has been shut off amid strikes over government pension reforms.

The company that operates the pipeline told French media that the capital’s main airport, Charles de Gaulle, could run out of fuel as early as next week.

There are fears of fuel shortages as all of France’s 12 oil refineries have been hit by strikes, and many oil depots remain blockaded.

Unions are opposed to government plans to raise the retirement age.


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When speaking about the end times or last days, Christ mentioned an increase in violence as part of the birth pains, we have seen then in the number of wars, increasing significantly each century.

According to a Wikipedia list of wars, the past 500 years have witnessed an increase in the frequency of wars:

15th Century – 29 wars

16th Century – 59 wars

17th Century – 75 wars

18th Century – 69 wars

19th Century – 294 wars

20th Century – 278 wars

The first decade of the 21st Century has already witnessed 55 wars, putting humanity on course for 550  wars over the next one hundred year period.

But here is another sign, the fact that we are facing permanent refugee era, due to ongoing violence in certain regions.


World faces ‘near permanent’ refugee era: UNHCR

UN refugee chief Antonio Guterres warned governments on Monday that unrelenting conflicts in Afghanistan and Africa were creating a near permanent “global” refugee burden.

Highlighting decades of displacement for millions of Afghans and Somalis, Guterres told the UNHCR’s annual governing Executive Committee that last year was the worst in two decades for returns.

About 250,000 refugees went back home in 2009, about one quarter of the annual average over the past 10 years, according to the agency.

They included just 61 Somalis.

“The changing nature and the growing intractability of conflict make achieving and sustaining peace more difficult in today?s world,” Guterres said.


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