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I found this article a while back and started watching daily the earthquakes.  From the headlines alone you can see that we are really close to seeing a 6.0 or greater earthquake EVERY day!  It has clearly increased if you are watching it.


Prophecy Coping: With The Horrible Global Quake Trend

Every month, spreadsheet job/reader/contributor Tony Ring generously sends us the monthly crunch of long-term earthquake data.  What he does is log into the USGS database and then slices and dices by month, subtotals and figures.  Even he was amazed at what’s coming out:

WOW! I’ve been running these graphs for at least a year, no? Every month they change a little. This month every one of them changed dramatically. Take a look…

Not only did I look but since we have monthly data  going back to 1973, an extension out 26-months which would get us to May 2013 (our high risk area for big CME’s off the sun, since those usually peak on the backside of a solar cycle) makes human future look pretty shaky if trends continue…

Not clear enough?  Well, until 2006, the world was bumping along with a 7.0 quake in the range of 3½ to 4½ times per month.  If the 5th order polynomial extension is anywhere near right, it suggests that by December of 2012 that we’ll be in the 7 major quakes per month range and heading for 9 major quakes per month.

Around 30-months out, the world would be having a 6.0 or larger on a daily basis, too… (more…)

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