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When ever Joel lays out the relationship between prophecy and the events we are seeing today, I tend to listen.  He has always stayed true to God’s Word on the topic, which is why I think he has such a good track record.

The quote from the host Pastor of the conference really summed up well the feelings I have been having recently.

“It seems that there is a sense in the spiritual air we breathe that things are unraveling quickly. The slide is not unstoppable. It will take a great awakening, a supernatural intervention, an act of God, to turn us back from the precipice toward which we run.”

Time is Short, we need to step up our effort of outreach as a church, it is no time for our churches to be asleep at the wheel.  The Rapture draws near!

God Bless!


PREPARE CHURCHES FOR INEVITABLE: America, Israel and the Church are at risk

February 13, 2012
By Joni B. Hannigan, Managing Editor, Florida Baptist Witness

JACKSONVILLE (FBW)—The handwriting is on the wall and war between Iran and Israel is imminent, Joel Rosenberg, an evangelical Christian and New York Times best-selling author, told the last session of the First Baptist Jacksonville Pastors’ Conference Jan. 29.

“War is coming,” Rosenberg said. “You and I are living in an extraordinary moment in one of the most dangerous moments in the history of our country; one of the most dangerous moments in the history of Israel and the Middle East; and one of the most dangerous moments in the history of the church.”

And the question is, “Are we ready for what could be coming?”


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