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Praise the Lord, for His Word is truth.  He predicted that Israel would find oil and riches during the last days.  Prophecy is being fulfilled right before our eyes!  Amazing!  Praise the Lord!


New Survey Indicates Large Oil Field Buried Under Negev Sand

A new preliminary geological survey indicates 26 million barrels of recoverable oil—worth $2 billion—may be sitting underneath the sandy soil in the area of two kibbutzim in the Western Negev, near Gaza.

Energtek announced it has received a geological survey on the Nir-am—Sa’ad block, “identifying the potential for exploitable oil and natural gas reserves.” Its subsidiary Energtek Products has the exclusive license to explore and exploit the resources in the area.

The firm added, “Current estimates will need to be confirmed by additional studies. Additional seismic analysis, modeling and further verifications are required to compile more accurate data on the fields and to provide more accurate reports on actual recoverable reserves.”


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