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Wow, that is a lot of explosives, hidden among packs of powdered milk.  Notice the players?

Shipment from Iran to Syria on a Liberian-registered ship.

Preparations continue in parallel with peace talks…


Italy seizes 7 tonnes of Iranian explosive in port

REGGIO DI CALABRIA, Italy – Italian authorities have seized 7 tones of powerful RDX explosive being shipped from Iran to Syria, police said on Wednesday.

Anti-mafia police found the cargo in a shipping container on a Liberian-registered ship that docked in the Calabrian port of Gioia Tauro in southern Italy last month and said it would have been enough to destroy the port.

The cargo, hidden among packs of powdered milk, was seized on August 27 but police, who were tipped off by intelligence services, did not make an announcement until this week.


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