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Amazing what is happening in Europe, how long it has lasted and how little we have heard about it here in the US…


Sarkozy sets the heavy squad on the riots as demonstrations over French pension reforms continue for ninth day

  • Marseilles, Paris’s Charles de Gaulle and Orly airports affected
  • Passengers forced to carry their own luggage off planes
  • 3,000 of the country’s 12,000 petrol stations have run dry
  • Disputes costing country £100million a day

Armed with pump-action shotguns, sidearms and stun grenades the officers look like they belong in a war zone.

In fact they are elite French policemen who were deployed to the historic centre of Lyon yesterday to deal with rioting students.

President Nicolas Sarkozy took the extreme measure in the face of growing protests against an unpopular law aimed at increasing the retirement age from 60 to 62.

Anti-riot police officers point their flashballs at demonstrators during a protest in Lyon, southern FranceTaking aim: Riot police fired flashball guns at student demonstrators in Lyon yesterday. Two thousand had gone on the rampage, burning cars and destroying shop windows 

Nicknamed ‘Sarko’s Stormtroopers’, the GIPN (National Police Intervention Group) faced down 2,000 youngsters in Place Bellecour where cars had been set on fire and shop windows smashed.


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Wow, check out the pictures below.  I am not seeing any of this in the main stream media.  France is literally on fire…


French strikes ablaze: Britons warned to stay away as violence spirals

A car explodes in flames and policemen clash with rioting youths as spiralling violence grips France.

This was one of many flashpoints across the country yesterday amid growing public anger against raising the retirement age to 62.

In the town of Nanterre, north-west of Paris, officers also fired rubber bullets and tear gas at youths protesting outside their secondary schools.

French police officers clash with rioters in NanterreBattle: The police officers clash with rioters in Nanterre, north-west of Paris. They fired rubber bullets and tear gas at youths protesting outside their secondary schools 

Troublemakers – not students – were accused of starting a riot, pelting firemen with rocks as dozens of vehicles were smashed and set ablaze.


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More Violence and rioting in Europe…


Rioters rampage, protesters block French airports

PARIS (AP) – Workers opposed to a higher retirement age blocked access to airports in Paris and around the country on Wednesday as hooded youths smashed store windows amid clouds of tear gas outside the capital.

Riot police in black body armor forced striking workers away from blocked fuel depots in western France, restoring gasoline to areas where pumps were dry after weeks of protests over the government proposal raising the age from 60 to 62.

Riot officers in the Paris suburb of Nanterre and the southeastern city of Lyon sprayed tear gas but appeared unable to stop the violence.


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Some of this can be somewhat extreme, but I think it brings up a few good points, on how so many seem to be “asleep” caught up in the day to day distractions of life.  It also gives some insight into what those outside of the US think about us, pretty extreme…take with a grain of salt.

Jesus said that there would be much apathy and violence during the end times.  That man’s heart would be hardened and brother would turn on brother, and child on parents…does that sound familiar or something you are seeing or feeling…


Will Americans Follow French Example Of Mass Civil Unrest?

Paul Joseph Watson
October 19, 2010

How will Americans react when the government begins to impose the same austerity measures that are causing riots, street battles, fuel blockades and other assorted chaos in France? Will we witness mass civil unrest or will the sleeping middle classes continue to scratch their butts and watch Dancing with the Stars?

Back in June we forecast that the imminent onset of so-called austerity measures, which in reality represent nothing more than an elevated phase of government-run looting of the taxpayer, would herald an “age of rage,” leading to “riots and even revolutions as people react with fury in response to their jobs, savings, basic public services, pensions and welfare money being seized by the financial terrorists who caused the economic collapse in the first place.”

Four months later and citizens of one of the most prosperous countries in the world with the highest standard of living have shut down France after six days of strikes and protests in response to government plans to raise the retirement age from 60 to 62 and the full state pension age from 65 to 67.


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More protests in France a unrest continues throughout Europe and the world.  Will we be next?


Students and families join French pension protests

PARIS (Reuters) – French families, students and private sector workers joined mass demonstrations on Saturday as trade unions ramped up pressure on the government to drop pension reforms.

Opposition to President Nicolas Sarkozy’s plan to raise the retirement age to 62 from 60 showed no signs of abating and hundreds of thousands across the country marched in the fourth round of rallies in as many months

Unions said that about 2.9 million had marched, while police said the crowds numbered 899,000. The union figure was about the same as at the last demonstrations on September 23. The police figure was slightly lower.


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Unrest and a coup in Ecuador, leaves that country in a state of chaos…


Ecuador in state of seige, region supports Correa

QUITO, Ecuador (AP) – Ecuador was under a state of siege Friday, the streets quiet with the military in charge of public order, after soldiers rescued President Rafael Correa from a hospital where he’d been surrounded by police who roughed him up and tear-gassed him earlier.

Correa and his ministers called Thursday’s revolt – in which insurgents also paralyzed the nation with airport shutdowns and highway blockades – an attempt to overthrow him and not just a simple insurrection by angry security force members over a new law that would cut benefits for public servants.


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More unrest in Europe, this time Germany…


Merkel calls for calm as rail protest turns ugly

Chancellor Angela Merkel called for calm Friday after riot police used what critics called “Rambo” tactics to disperse thousands of opponents of a contentious rail project.

“I would hope that demonstrations like these would pass off peacefully,” Merkel told public broadcaster SWR after the skirmishes in the southwestern city of Stuttgart on Thursday that raged on into the night.

“This must always be tried, and anything that leads to violence must be avoided.”

Demonstrators said that more than 20,000 protestors, including more than 1,000 schoolchildren, were dispersed by close to 1,000 police in riot gear using water cannons, pepper spray, tear gas and batons.


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More global concerns of unrest and riots, due to unemployment.

Is it a sign of what’s to come here?


Do you think that is what the spainiard pictured below thought on his way to work that morning?


Global employment crisis will stir social unrest, warns UN agency

Global employment will not recover to pre-crisis levels until 2015 if current policies are pursued, creating social tension, the International Labour Organisation has warned

Garbages containers burns in central Barcelona during the general strike held in Spain on September 29, 2010: Global employment crisis will stir social unrest, warns UN agency

Rubbish bins burn in central Barcelona during the general strike Photo: AFP/GETTY
Europe has gone out on astrike as protesters took to the streets of Spain, Belgium, Italy and Greece to demonstrate against tough austerity measures.

Riot police hit out at demonstrators during protests in Barcelona, Spain Photo: AP

The United Nations work agency said it was putting back by two years from 2013 its previous assessment of the time needed to create the 22 million jobs still needed to regain the pre-crisis level – 14 million in rich countries and 8 million in developing states.

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