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Triple digits during the last month of September?  Extreme weather is everywhere we look.  Places that are usually cool are hot.  Places that are hot are cool.  We have snow already in Montana and  113 in LA…


113 degrees in downtown? L.A. broils with triple-digit temperatures

The heat wave that has gripped Southern California reached a high point Monday afternoon, with triple-digit temperatures from the coast all the way inland.

As of noon, Weather.com reported that downtown L.A. was broiling at 109 degrees; Santa Monica hit 106, West Hollywood was at 111 and Long Beach was at 107. [Updated at 12:52 p.m.: As of 12:50 p.m.: downtown L.A. had hit 113 degrees, a record high. Stuart Seto, a forecaster for the National Weather Service, said that’s the hottest temperature recorded at the downtown station since record-keeping began in 1877.]


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