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For those that have not read Atlas Shrugged, it was set in a very similar situation.

All of the producers and successful people were vilified and shut down through government intervention, regulation, or other backroom deals, always for the “good of the people”.  So they just started disappearing?  Decided to leave.

This is a great article below of what we are doing to our country.  Anytime you have 50% of the country not paying any taxes and 2% paying more than the other 98% something is seriously wrong.

Will we see an exodus, it is still yet to be seen, but the fact that more and more people are becoming vocal about it, is surely a sign.

America is not mentioned in the end times, our economic might will have fallen.  Could we be exporting it?

From a different angle, we can imagine what would happen to our society if all of the economic producers left.  What do you think will happen, when all of the “moral” producers (restrainers) leave (are taken)?  What would the world be like?


America: Love it or (if you’re rich enough) leave it?

Glen Esnard, a Newport Beach executive for real estate services firm Grubb & Ellis, went to bat in the Wall Street Journal last week for high-income-earners who believe it’s unfair that their tax rates should rise on Jan. 1, as President Obama proposes.

Esnard also suggested that the answer might be for the better-heeled to find a new country.


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