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There are a couple of articles in the news this week that show a shift in focus from Iran to Syria.

Is this a shift from the staging of Ezekiel to Psalm 83?

I’m not sure but we know that the Psalm 83 war must occur before Ezekiel’s.  Syria was also a major concern during the Iraq war, if you remember, there was even intelligence that might be where the missing WMD’s ended up.

It is critical to understand who is involved with each conflict and makes up the alliances for each.

Psalms 83…Preview of a Coming Attraction

The next prophecy related war will be the Psalm 83 conflict with the, I believe, related Isaiah 17:1 prophecy as well.

Isaiah 17

An Oracle Against Damascus

1 An oracle concerning Damascus:
“See, Damascus will no longer be a city
but will become a heap of ruins.


US: Time may come for special nuke probe of Syria

At IAEA meeting, Iranian official says reported Israeli strike on Syrian nuclear facility 3 years ago is the “real issue,” claims Damascus has fallen victim to a “vicious circle of endless questions and allegations.”

VIENNA — A US envoy on Thursday suggested time was running out for Syria to cooperate with a UN atomic agency probe of alleged secret nuclear activities before the agency invokes its seldom-used authority to call for a special inspection — a possible prelude to UN Security Council involvement.

Rising to Syria’s defense, a senior Iranian diplomat accused the organization — the International Atomic Energy Agency — of harassing Syria by leveling false allegations in collusion with Israel and its allies.


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