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More positioning and preparation for Israel, it will be interesting if we follow through or play the same games Russia has with Iran and Syria.


Barak: US will supply Israel with bunker busters

Defense minister to meet with top US security officials in DC; Jerusalem believes Washington will agree to supply Israel with advanced cruise missiles, bombs designed to penetrate underground facilities

Defense Minister Ehud Barak is visiting Washington once again ahead of planned meetings with top security officials in the American administration.

Barak is expected to meet several top ranking officials Monday in order to secure new and advanced weaponry for Israel, especially in view of the latest arms deals in the Middle East.

The recent Russian ballistic missile sale to Syria and the arms deal between the US and Saudi Arabia, have Israel seeking to widen the technological gap in warfare between the IDF and Arab militaries.

Jerusalem is optimistic and believes Washington will agree to meet previously declined demands for advanced weaponry, such as “bunker busters” – bombs which are designed to penetrate hardened undergound targets – such as bunkers, as implied by their name – as well as advanced cruise missiles.


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