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One of the puzzles I have been trying to work through in by head is how will the Psalm 83 prophecy be fulfilled.  For the longest time there were several roadblocks that kept this from being a feasible occurence.  Some examples would be:

– Turkey was a NATO ally and future member of the EU

– Libya was under a secular dictator

– Egypt was protecting Israel’s southern border and under a secular dictator.

– Syria was under a secular dictator.

– Iraq was under US protection with a major military presence.  This acted as a buffer between Israel and Iran.

Why do I list these in particular?  Because of God’s prophecy in Psalm 83.

Psalm 83

 1 O God, do not remain silent;
   do not turn a deaf ear,
   do not stand aloof, O God.
2 See how your enemies growl,
   how your foes rear their heads.
3 With cunning they conspire against your people;
   they plot against those you cherish.
4 “Come,” they say, “let us destroy them as a nation,
   so that Israel’s name is remembered no more.”


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More of the Psalm 83 allies weighing in on Israel’s decision to continue building on their land.  Tensions are rising…


Jordan slams east Jerusalem construction

Jordan strongly condemned the “resumption of Israeli construction in the occupied Palestinian territories, including east Jerusalem.

The Petra news agency quoted Information Minister Ali Ayed as saying Israel is harming the efforts to put the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks back on track. (Ynet)


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