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More calls for Global governance, New World Political and Economic Order.  This has certainly picked up in the last few months.  A lot of calls for a larger role for the UN or flat-out New World Order as the article below calls for.

The pieces are coming together, we must remain watchful…


Cuba Demands New World Political, Economic Order at UN

Cuba demanded on Tuesday a new international political and economic order based on the principles of solidarity, social justice, equality and respect for the rights of the peoples and all human rights.

Cuba Demands New World Political, Economic Order at UN Cuba Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez at UN Millennium Development Goals Summit.

Addressing the plenary session of the United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals Summit underway in New York, Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla said that the lack of solutions to the most serious development issues and the problems of those who live in poverty and underdevelopment will also affect industrialized societies, where unemployment rates grow and brutal migratory policies are becoming common.

The diplomat added that the goals included in the Declaration of the Millennium have almost been completely fulfilled in Cuba and some of them have even been surpassed.

“Our commitment goes beyond the borders of our country and it has allowed us to contribute to the social development of other Third World  nations”, he said.


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More details on the global financial tax to help cut extreme poverty.

The money raise would go to pay for the UN Millennium Development Goals, ah those MDG’s.


Europe leaders urge bank tax to battle poverty

European leaders stepped up demands for a global financial tax on Monday as they faced mounting calls for money to pay for the Millennium Goals battle to cut extreme poverty.

President Nicolas Sarkozy of France and Spain’s Prime Minister Jose Luis Zapatero said they would press for the new tax at international summits.

The world’s wealthy countries face growing pressure at the three day Millennium Development Goals (MDG) summit to contribute more to the drive to eradicate poverty and improve child and maternal health.

African nations in particular are calling for more action and the West can expect little sympathy when the likes of Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad speak on Tuesday.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said the struggling effort to reach eight key development goals by 2015 could still be met if world leaders provide the necessary money and political will.


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