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Good thing our government doesn’t take these guys seriously or as a threat…

Remember, the darker it gets, the brighter and farther our little light shines!

Maranatha, Lord come quickly!



By The Right Scoop

Walid Shoebat dug up this map that ISIS has created of the Middle East. Take note of ALL that they expect to be Muslims lands:

Here’s the translation by Shoebat that I’ve overlaid onto a Google map (click to enlarge):


Walid wrote the other day the top religious cleric in the Muslim Brotherhood, Sheik Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, announced in Turkey that the new caliphate will be a confederation of different states, all run by Shariah:

“The Caliphate in today’s age must be established through a number of several states that are governed by Shariah and supported by both, the rulers and the people in the form of a federation or confederation and not as it was in the past.”


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Look out, we have a tiger by the tail, did you know how dependent we are on China for these key minerals?


China to Halt Some Exports to U.S.

HONG KONG — China, which has been blocking shipments of crucial minerals to Japan for the last month, has now quietly halted shipments of those materials to the United States and Europe, three industry officials said on Tuesday.


A worker at the site of a rare earth minerals mine.

The Chinese action, involving rare earth minerals that are crucial to manufacturing many advanced products, seems certain to further intensify already rising trade and currency tensions with the West. Until recently, China typically sought quick and quiet accommodations on trade issues. But the interruption in rare earth supplies is the latest sign from Beijing that Chinese leaders are willing to use their growing economic muscle.

“The embargo is expanding” beyond Japan, said one of the three rare earth industry officials, all of whom insisted on anonymity for fear of business retaliation by Chinese authorities.


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Check out the graph and article below, this is very eerie indeed.  It is what we have been warning about and amazing how close we are following 1937.  Make sure you have prepared, food, supplies…  It certainly looks like a cliff we are headed toward.  I hope not, but we must prepare ourselves, our families, so we can help others when it happens…


Doomsday Clocks: Are We Heading for Another Great Depression?

Is America heading toward another Great Depression? The answer may not be a definite “yes” or “no,“ but rather an eerie ”maybe.”

In yesterday’s Wall Street Journal, Donald Luskin laid out an argument for why, should we continue on our path, America might be poised to repeat the mistakes it made that lead up to and perpetuated the Great Depression. In other words, if history is a great teacher, we could be its worst students.

What may allow the “history repeats itself” cliche to ring true, he says, is the expiration of the Bush-era tax cuts and a renewed aggression toward trade via a recent amendment to the Smoot-Hawley Act — a union favor: both “doomsday clocks” with a deafening tick-tock, tick-tock.


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Fiscal multipliers, something you should know about because they impact you in oh so many ways.  It is all part of the jigsaw puzzle that is our government.  It is amazing how much influence those that we never elect have on our government.  Sometimes I question, what do we pay our elected official for, what do they actually do?


The Black Box That Dictates Tax and Spend

“Fiscal multipliers.”

It’s a black box term used in DC to determine which tax and spend policies deliver the biggest bang for the buck, a term that is so cryptic, even economists can’t quite agree on how they work.

But fiscal multipliers can do great damage to your wallet because they dictate all sorts of tax and spend legislation.

Notably, this theoretical bling is used to justify the DC fiscal dipsomaniacs’ very expensive Keynesian spending “multipliers.”

More and more spending that creates a possible devaluation of the dollar which creates inflation. Since all sorts of taxes, including the capital gains tax, the estate tax, and the alternative minimum tax,  are not indexed to inflation, taking more taxes from you and me due to government-caused inflation is immoral.

Fiscal multipliers also provide political cover for almost any legislative science project Congress cooks up.


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Good Article from Rapture Ready’s weekly Nearing Midnight section.  Follow up to my “Atlas just Shrugged” post earlier in the week.

I have also included the video link below in the article:


Precious Metals: “The Canary In the Coal Mine”

The precious metals market has been on fire. Last week, gold hit a fresh all-time high and silver reached a new two-year high. In London, spot bullion hit a nominal record of $1,286 a troy ounce. The yellow metal has risen 17 percent since January. Gold is heading for its tenth consecutive annual gain, the longest winning streak since at least 1920.


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This is an amazing summary of how we are being nudged, herded into global government.  There are three videos that last about 40 minutes total but it is very eye-opening to the process that is being used.


From Fries to Riots


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This is one of the areas that could trigger our rapid decline.  If they decided to sell off our debt or even just stop buying it, we would be in a world of hurt and would have to start printing.  I do not believe the Fed has any bullets left to counter.

It will be very interesting how this develops, can you imagine if we had to print money to cover the $1 trillion from the previous treasure sales article and also this $1.5 trillion?  What would $2.5 trillion do to our inflation rate?


Chinese think tank warns US it will emerge as loser in trade war

A State Council think-tank in China has warned Washington that the US will come off worst in a trade war if it imposes sanctions against Beijing over the two nations’ currency spat.

yuan; Chinese think tanks warns US it will emerge as loser in trade war
The US is considering legislation to punish Beijing for holding down the yuan Photo: AFP

Ding Yifan, a policy guru at the Development Research Centre, said China could respond by selling holdings of US debt, estimated at over $1.5 trillion (£963bn). This would trigger a rise in US interest rates. His comments at a forum in Beijing follow a string of remarks by Chinese officials questioning US credit-worthiness and the reliability of the dollar.

China’s authorities seem split over how to respond to moves on Capitol Hill for legislation to punish Beijing for holding down the yuan. The central bank has ruled out use of its “nuclear weapon”, insisting that it would not exploit its $2.45 trillion of foreign reserves for political purposes. “The US Treasury market is a very important market for China,” it said.

However, the mood is hardening on both sides of the Pacific. The dispute risks escalating if China’s trade surplus with the US climbs further and more US jobs are lost. US Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, who has taken a softly-softly line in the past, said on Friday that China had done “very little” to correct the undervaluation of the yuan since ending the dollar peg in June.

Mr Ding reflects thinking among some in the Poltiburo, who seem convinced that the US is in decline and that China’s rise as an exporter of goods and capital give it the upper hand.

“They are utterly wrong,” said Gabriel Stein from Lombard Street Research. “The lesson of the 1930s is that surplus countries with structurally weak domestic demand come off worst in a trade war.”

He described the implicit threat to sell Treasuries as “empty bluster” because Beijing’s purchase of these bonds is a side-effect of its yuan policy. “Bring it on: it will weaken the dollar, which is what the US wants. The interest rate effect can be countered by the Fed.”

“Some Chinese officials seem to believe that buying Treasuries underpins US public spending. In fact China’s mercantilist policy is forcing the US to run large deficits against its own interest. China should be terrified of a trade war.”


Click on the article title for a link to full original referenced article.

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