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The alliance is solidifying between Turkey and Iran as well as the other Ezekiel 38 and Psalm 83 Alliances.  Both are different prophecies have different member of their alliances but both are solidifying.  As represented by the article below, Turkey is even becoming a strong advocate for Iran’s right to nuclear capabilities.


‘We cannot accuse Iran of pursuing nukes without evidence’

Turkish president speaks of wanting Mideast free of atomic weapons, relations with Israel after flotilla raid, and canceled meeting with Peres in New York.

UNITED NATIONS — Turkish President Abdullah Gul will call for a Middle East totally free of nuclear weapons when he addresses the UN General Assembly later this week, he told the Associated Press in an interview on Monday.

“We would like to see our region free of nuclear weapons,” Gul said in the interview. “The region should not be under such a threat.”


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