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Amazing timing on this episode.  He pulls together, what we are seeing happen and how it is all part of the plan that redistributes our, Americas, wealth world-wide and puts us in line for the coming global governance system.

Please watch this, it really ties it all together, amazing!


Global Governance…we are being set up!


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So where is the line these days?  It has been so rubbed out, it looks like the batters box at the end of nine innings.

The government is positioning itself as the solution to everything.

Is it right to use Elmo to sell the “right” to free broadband?

Watch the video, it is very good at laying out the plan.

Two take aways:  It is redistribution of wealth, they are targeting low-income specifically.

But second, it was interesting toward the end of the video, the expert stated: it would be too hard to determine who has it and who doesn’t, we will just give it to all of them, and if they already have it then they can use the money for other things.

So much for the argument that the government is more efficient…

Wonder if that would hold true on health care?

Bottom line, this is deception on so many levels, the goal is control and dependency.


Elmo, Internet Czar & FCC Work to Redistribute Wealth With Free Broadband

“Elmo is tired of buffering.”


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